Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strengthening Bookvar

We are proud to introduce you to the new version of Bookvar. The quality is still alpheta (beyond alpha, but not still beta), but we tried very hard to introduce some features that will greatly improve the way you interact with the application. We have received great feedback about Bookvar with suggestions for improvements as well as comments that pointed out the pain zones with the current version. Most problems came out from that Bookvar was not stable enough and the users were constantly pressing the save button. Let me show you what we have done:

New features

Here are the new features that we introduced in this release:

  • Undo/Redo - previously it was impossible to undo your actions. With this release we introduce this functionality, so it will be easier for you to manage your mind maps and undo or redo your changes. The standard keyboard commands (Undo-Ctrl+Z and Redo-Ctrl+Y) can be used as well.
  • Auto Update - from now on Bookvar will ping our servers for a new version whenever you start it (this is configurable from the options window). If a new version is available you will be available to download and install it immediately. This will allow you to stay in touch with the updates that we are going to push these months.
  • Auto Save and Crash Recovery - by popular demand we are introducing this feature. It will allow you to set interval at which your open mind maps will be saved to a temporary file. If the system crashes on next start a window with all recovered maps will be presented to you. You will have a different options how to act upon the maps, but the most important is that your time is not lost and your work is destroyed.
  • Some smaller improvements include:
    • Curved lines for connection between topics.
    • Standard save as functionality
    • Full screen mode for video player when you add a movie to a topic.
    • Other minor cosmetic changes.

Bug fixes

We have fixed a bunch of bugs in these release (as well as introduced a dozen new ones :) )

  • Map Layout Persistence - there were some nasty problems when you try to rearrange the map and then save it. We have tried hard to fix this and believe that the current release is much more better in this direction. There are still some problems to nail down, but we will address them in the future releases.
  • Topic Buttons Not Visible - when you hide and then show (using the +/- button) some topic that have notes, attachments or link the button which are displayed around the topic were not visible any more. This is now fixed.
  • Long Content in Notes - If you put long text in the notes the buttons for save and cancel were not visible. It is OK now.
  • Some other ones we have encountered while we were using Bookvar

You can find the new version on its usual place here. From now on it will automatically inform you about the new updates, so this will be the last release that you have to download manually.

Have fun and Feel Free To Mind.


Anonymous said...

Good Job guys!
I hope I'll have patience till this evening and try it :)
Greetings from Sitefinity room :P

Veskoni said...

Thanks for fixing those bugs ;)

I will write some new ones now :)

Unknown said...

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