Friday, August 3, 2007

Korea - The starting

Great news!
We are already here. Yes! Here in the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill hotel in Seoul. Being one of the finalists, our team arrived in Seoul 2 days earlier than the announced time.
I'll try to describe as detailed as possible the whole trip.

Starting from Sofia at 14:45 PM we traveled to Frankfurt with Lufthansa. As we had only 1 hour between arrival and departure of plains, we were a bit worried whether we will be able to take the connecting flight to Seoul. For everyone that has ever been to the Frankfurt airport is quite clear how big it is. For the rest, know that it is bigger than you think :).
By plan we had to arrive in Frankfurt and directly from there to start travel again with Lufthansa to Seoul. By mere luck, instead of directly going to the gate with the boarding passes that we had, we went to the cash desk and from there we were offered to switch our tickets with ones for the Korean Airlines and get as compensation additional 400 Euros in flight checks or 300 Euros in cash. As you probably suspect we dumped Lufthansa and took the money :). None of us had ever traveled with Korean Air and we wondered whether it will be as good as Lufthansa. Boarding the Korean Airlines flight KE 906, it appeared that this plain and service is even better than the one of Lufthansa. So we got better service and money out of the blue... :)

If you haven't been to the Inchon Airport - it is even bigger than Frankfurt. Coming from Bulgarian climate, for us weather in Korea was a killer - hot and misty! Cannot breathe properly.... And the air was stinking. Like a whole flock of cows passed in front of the Airport just before we went out. Traveling from Inchon airport to Sheraton Grande Walkerhill hotel took about 80 mins (a lot to travel ah.. :) ) and was as pleasing as possible for all of us (Air Conditioning and comfortable chairs). When we arrived at the hotel, it all shifted to a strange direction - first the receptionist hardly understood what we were saying (even though we consider our English to be pretty decent). Then instead of being placed with me, Stefan was assigned to share room with Mr. Abdullah Someone. Fortunately, after showing the printed reservation confirmation they fixed the mistake and we went to our rooms.

The evening went great (we went experimenting with local food and trained for the finals.
As a whole the trip started adventurous and ended safely and the hotel is great (excluding the language difficulties that we had and probably will continue to have).
I have uploaded pictures from the trip and yesterday here.

For now this... See you later.

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